Save Our Marine Life
Save Our Marine Life

Are you a business owner?

Our golden beaches, crystal clear waters and extraordinary marine life are a core part of who we are as Australians. They are also part of what sets us apart from the rest of the world, defining our region’s identity and our economic future.

Sanctuaries and marine parks are tourism magnets, promoting the region’s coastal assets and promising unique, nature-based experiences to both domestic and international visitors. According to scientists, any cut-backs of our marine sanctuaries would significantly undermine the health of our marine life, thereby risking Australia’s reputation for unspoilt holiday destinations.

Businesses are coming together in support of sanctuaries around the country. This is significant because local MPs and decision makers will listen to the voice of business.

If you live in the following areas, you can also endorse our Business Statement for Sanctuaries which will be presented to key decision makers:

Australian business statement

coral sea business statement


Bondi Business Statement


Marine sanctuaries at risk