Save Our Marine Life
Save Our Marine Life

Who are we?

Save our Marine Life is a growing community of people, organisations and businesses working to protect Australia’s unique marine life, safeguard our healthy coastal lifestyle and save our new national network of marine sanctuaries.

Sanctuaries are for everyone. We are divers, fishers, surfers, sailors, families, businesses, coastal communities and ocean lovers around the country.

The people

More than 100,000 people have already joined Save Our Marine Life’s Big Blue Army to protect our marine life and help create Australia’s world-leading national network of marine sanctuaries. Our support of sanctuaries is based on the best science evidence, which is conclusive about the benefits of large ‘no take’ areas for the health of fish stocks, for safeguarding and encouraging a diversity of life, and for resilience against the impacts of climate change.

But now, every sanctuary we’ve helped to secure is at risk, and there’s too much at stake to stop now. We are working together to defend our national network of sanctuaries for our marine life, for the people, the businesses and the communities that depend on them.

We are divers

Tracey Burns, local diver“We support marine sanctuaries because of the incredible marine life we see when diving in the waters off Perth. We know marine sanctuaries work because members of our diving club, the Underwater Explorers Club of WA, tell us they have started to see larger and more varied species of fish returning to the sanctuary areas around Rottnest. We need to protect and sustain our precious waters for current and future generations to enjoy.”

Tracey Burns, local diver

We are fishers

A fisher who supports marine sanctuaries“Plenty of Australia’s best fishing spots have been marine parks for years now, and they’re still famed for their fishing. It’s pretty obvious that marine parks haven’t banned any fishing”

Andy Graham (foreground)

“If there’s a few places around the coast that are set aside from fishing, I’d support that. It’s only going to mean more fish in the water in the long run”

Joel Wright (background)

We are business owners

Stacey Randall, local business owner“I work with a lot of businesses who understand the correlation between the health and vitality of our marine environment and the economic value this brings to our region. The Manly business community is committed to working together to protect these vital zones, ensuring that our underwater capital remains just that.”

Stacey Randell, Local Business Owner


Marine sanctuaries at risk