Save Our Marine Life
Save Our Marine Life

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Conservationists call for ‘true ban’ on super trawlers

May 20, 2019News

The debate over super trawlers was hot political news the last time […] Read More »

ABC: Frydenberg releases new marine park plan allowing more fishing

Mar 21, 2018News

Big changes are in store for Australia’s marine marks, under new plans […] Read More »

Global marine science luminaries slam marine parks plan

Sep 18, 2017In the media News

The campaign against proposed changes to Australia’s marine park network is gathering […] Read More »

Proposal to wind back marine parks could devastate marine life: scientists

Oct 31, 2016In the media News

A group of scientists is urging the government NOT to wind back […] Read More »

Underwater legend Val Taylor campaigns again for the Coral Sea

Apr 14, 2016In the media News

At the age of 80, underwater legend Valerie Taylor has returned to […] Read More »

Australian commercial fish catch may be millions of tonnes more than reported

May 21, 2015In the media News

MICHAEL BRISSENDEN: Global fisheries experts are warning the world’s fish stocks are […] Read More »

Marine sanctuaries at risk