Save Our Marine Life
Save Our Marine Life

Send a message to save this crucial nursery for our marine life

This action is no longer active. Act Now on a current marine life issue.

An iconic holiday destination in south west Australia, Geographe Bay is also an important resting area for migrating humpback whales. Its seagrass beds and limestone reefs are teeming with life and provide a nursery for many species, including bottlenose dolphins and the iconic dhufish, found only in WA. 

But the protected zones that ensure Geographe Bay is safe from trawlers, gillnets and the risk of a devastating oil spill could all now be erased. Along with the Coral Sea, Geographe Bay is top of the hit list for potential rollback as part of the Abbott Government’s Review of our national network of sanctuaries. This would be devastating for the health of our marine life, and for the community whose economy, way of life and reputation are so linked to healthy oceans.

Let’s stand with the local Geographe Bay community and ask the Review to RETAIN and INCREASE protection in Geo Bay and around the country – for the locals AND for our marine life. Please send a message to save Geographe Bay today.  

Need inspiration? Click here for Geographe Bay talking points

Messages in your own words work because the review will measure how much you care by seeing how much effort you’ve put into contacting them. Keeping it positive and highlighting why it matters to you will make it most effective. You can use these talking points as a guide.

  • The most important message is to call on the Review to RETAIN AND INCREASE protection in the Geographe Bay Marine Reserve and around the country.
  • The Geographe Bay Marine Reserve represents an opportunity to achieve both conservation and fishing outcomes. The current zoning delivers two modest marine sanctuaries and extensive protection from damaging commercial gillnet and trawl fishing sought by local conservationists and recreational fishers alike, leaving 96% of Geographe Bay open to recreational fishing.
  • The review should focus on removing the continuing threat of gillnetting, trawling, seabed mining and oil & gas development from the rest of the Geographe Bay Marine Reserve.