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Save Our Marine Life

Protecting Western Australia’s big blue backyard – a Save Our Marine Life report

Protecting Western Australia's big blue backyard - report

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Save Our Marine Life has launched a groundbreaking new report into the wonders of Australia’s south west marine environment.

Protecting Western Australia’s big blue backyard outlines the importance of creating a network of marine sanctuaries and is supported by stunning, award-winning marine photography.

Prepared for the Save Our Marine Life collaboration by the Australian Conservation Foundation, the report identifies a series of globally significant ‘hotspots’ for marine life in the waters off Australia’s south west.

These hotspots include the Perth Canyon (45 km west of Perth), one of only two known sites in Australian waters where the endangered blue whale comes to feed, and the Diamantina Fracture Zone, which is Australia’s largest underwater mountain range, submerged in its deepest stretch of water at 7400 metres and thought to host unique species not yet known to science.

The report also identified the importance of creating large marine sanctuaries to boost Western Australia’s $3 billion tourism industry and $45 million whale watching industry.

Download: Protecting Western Australia’s big blue backyard – report

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