Save Our Marine Life
Save Our Marine Life

Making your support for marine protection heard

737-lThe tide has turned in favour of marine sanctuaries because the community overwhelmingly want a better future for our marine life. The creation of sanctuaries will be heavily influenced by how visible that support is, so please don’t keep your opinions to yourself. Let everyone know! One of the best ways you can make your voice heard is to write a letter to the Editor of your newspaper.

The ‘Letters to the Editor’ page is one of the most read pages in any newspaper and Members of Parliament use it to gauge public opinion on an issue. Its not a forum for hard facts of statistics (although if you have them that’s great) – its more about YOUR opinion and how you feel about an issue.

This Writing letters to the editor help sheet, provided by SOML group The Wilderness Society, gives you all you need to know including email addresses for your local paper.

Our marine life is too important for us to stay silent, so take 5 minutes out now to send your short letter to the Editor.

Download: Writing letters to the editor

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