Save Our Marine Life
Save Our Marine Life


MP contact guide

One of the most powerful things you can do is visit or call your MP to let them know how important marine sanctuaries are to you. Here are some simple guides to help you lobby your local Member of Parliament.

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Download: Guide to contacting your local MP .pdf

Western Australian community attitudes towards marine sanctuaries

In April 2011 Patterson Market Research undertook a quota controlled random dial survey of 604 adult Western Australians. The survey is a reliable assessment of community attitudes and opinions about the health and importance of the marine environment off the WA coast. Read More »

The End of the Line – documentary

The powerful new documentary, the End Of The Line uses interviews with world leading scientists, activists and fishermen, brilliant underwater footage and sweeping cinematography to tell the story of the devastating impacts of over-fishing on our oceans and fishing communities. Read More »

The Economics of Marine Protected Areas


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Isn’t it great when something good for our marine life also makes economic sense as well?

A landmark study by the Allen Consulting Group released today has found that establishing large marine sanctuaries in Australia’s south west would lead to significant growth in tourism revenue, bringing a 20% boost so that $55 million was injected every year into the WA economy.

The Economics of Marine Protected Areas also found that marine sanctuaries would generate long term economic prosperity with a more diverse economy and healthier fish stocks outweighing the short term costs of establishing sanctuaries. Read More »

Protecting Western Australia’s big blue backyard – a Save Our Marine Life report

Protecting Western Australia's big blue backyard - report

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Save Our Marine Life has launched a groundbreaking new report into the wonders of Australia’s south west marine environment.

Protecting Western Australia’s big blue backyard outlines the importance of creating a network of marine sanctuaries and is supported by stunning, award-winning marine photography. Read More »

Protecting Western Australia’s big blue backyard – flyer

WA's big blue backyard flyer

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It is globally unique, of critical importance to Australia and vital to the lifestyle of Western Australians, but the marine environment from Kalbarri to Eucla to date has received little protection—less than one per cent of Western Australia’s big blue backyard is protected. Read More »

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out all about us, our objectives, how marine sanctuaries work, the science behind them and the effects they will have. Read More »

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