Save Our Marine Life
Save Our Marine Life


Watch Journey into the Eyes of the Reef

Be inspired by a new short film about Queensland’s amazing coral reefs and our ocean caretakers. Watch this breathtaking exploration of the Coral Sea and Great Barrier Reef – our biggest and best – at

The Sea & Me

The Sea & Me, a new film documenting the extraordinary seas surrounding Australia and the inspiring people who look after it, has been touring the nation’s coastal communities.

This breathtaking exploration of our big blue backyard was put together by two award-winning young filmmakers from Bluebottle Films. Danielle Ryan and James Sherwood toured around Australia’s coast interviewing communities, business owners, fishers, divers and researchers and documenting flagship species like the charismatic manta rays of Ningaloo Reef, the prized coral trout of the Great Barrier Reef and Tasmania’s valuable rock lobsters.

Middle Australia supports sanctuaries

Throughout the nation, Australians are enthusiastic in their support for marine sanctuaries, particularly once they have experienced them first hand. They make their support known through surveys, in the hundreds of thousands of submissions sent during consultation processes, in their communications to the nation’s leaders, local MPs and in their enthusiastic attendance at local marine conservation events. Read More »

Research shows Australian fishers support sanctuaries


This map shows the collected findings of published Australian academic/government surveys and political/market research polling which tested the real opinions of Australian recreational fishers towards marine sanctuaries in their local waters.

Marine sanctuaries at risk