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Last year the State Government decided to allow fishing from the shore in the protected sanctuary zones of NSW marine parks.

After little or no consultation with the business community, the NSW government is now considering changing legislation to make this permanent. According to scientists this would significantly undermine the health of NSW marine life, thereby risking the vibrant and distinctive branding that coastal destinations such as Pittwater and their businesses rely on.

If we can secure the endorsement of 50 businesses in the Pittwater area, we believe that local Member of Parliament for Pittwater, Rob Stokes, who is also now NSW Environment Minister, will listen to common sense and insist that the existing sanctuaries are retained.

Please lend your support by adding your business’s name to this statement and encouraging other local businesses to do the same.

As soon as our target is reached, it will be presented to Premier Mike Baird and Environment Minister Rob Stokes for their urgent consideration. Thank you for your support. With your help, we can turn this situation around.

Pittwater Business Statement for Sanctuaries

Central to Pittwater’s branding as an iconic tourist and holiday destination, and business location, is its coastal lifestyle and marine life.

Whether it’s any of our popular ocean beaches – Palm, Whale, Avalon, Bilgola, Newport, Bungan or Mona Vale – or our unique Pittwater with its bays and family beaches, secluded getaways and multiple recreational uses, the Pittwater locality is renowned for and thrives on its reputation as a natural paradise. Its businesses, including the surfing, holiday, restaurant, shopping and boating industries, have all grown from this reputation, benefiting substantially not just from local marine protection but also from the State’s marine parks and their no-take sanctuary zones.

Marine sanctuary zones are, according to scientists, vital to maintaining the health of marine life. These ‘national parks of the sea’ also cater for a popular and increasing domestic and international tourism market, attracting divers, snorkelers and other nature-based experience-seekers who typically spend twice that of other tourists. Marine parks and sanctuaries are increasingly regarded as important economic ‘infrastructure’ which contributes significantly to both regional and metropolitan economies.

As part of a new approach to marine park management, the NSW Government is undertaking a review to the current levels of protection found in our marine parks and is considering permanently allowing fishing in protected marine sanctuary zones.

We believe this approach risks the natural assets that contribute to our prosperity and, in turn, our businesses and local economy.

We, the undersigned businesses, support marine parks and sanctuary zones and recognise that healthy oceans sustain marine life and enhance our region’s brand and coastal lifestyle. Consequently we call on Premier Mike Baird and our local Member of Parliament Hon Rob Stokes MP to act decisively to protect our marine parks and sanctuaries, thereby helping to secure our reputation as a great coastal destination, a healthy local economy, and a great place to live and work.

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This statement and its list of business signatories will be presented to Premier Mike Baird and Environment Minister Rob Stokes (who is also the local Pittwater Member of Parliament). It may also be reproduced on this web site. The names and details of contact people will be treated confidentially and only be used to email you regarding this issue. They will not be passed on to any other organisation.

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