Save Our Marine Life
Save Our Marine Life
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Sign the petition for real action on our oceans

Following the shocking release of the new UN climate report warning the world’s oceans are at a tipping point, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced Australia’s oceans are a priority for the Australian Government.

We, the Australian public, need to make sure the Prime Minister acts on this commitment to protect our marine life and safeguard our coastal communities.

Sign the petition for increased marine protection, real measures to address plastics pollution, and genuine controls on the ever-expanding oil, gas and industrial fishing industries.

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Dear Prime Minister (CC Environment Minister Ley, Shadow Environment Minister Butler, and Senator Whish-Wilson),

I write regarding Australia’s important statement to the United Nations General Assembly following the release of the shocking new UN climate report warning the world’s oceans are at a tipping point.

I am very concerned for the future of Australia’s oceans in the face of climate change, pollution and over-fishing, and am pleased that the Australian Government is making ocean protection a major priority. 

Australia’s oceans are globally significant, with more unique marine life than any other country in the world and the most amazing marine ecosystems spanning tropical to sub-Antarctic. It’s no wonder that 85% of Australians live by the sea. Healthy marine life is essential to our lifestyle, our livelihoods, our economy and a safe climate.

But the new report confirms the devastating threats we currently face, from coral bleaching and loss of kelp forests, through to ocean acidification, rising sea levels and a massive decline in our fisheries and the food they produce.

As recognised in your statement, now is the time for decisive action to secure Australia’s unique marine life, diverse ecosystems and our many coastal communities. I urge you to place a high priority on ensuring our oceans and the communities that depend on them are as resilient as possible in the face of the devastating impacts of climate change, pollution and over-use.

Essential elements include:

  • completing Australia’s national network of coastal and marine protected areas in state as well as federal waters,
  • addressing the scourge of plastics pollution, and
  • ensuring effective regulation and management of our industrial-scale extractive sectors

As well as meaningful action on climate change and limiting direct threats, science shows that marine sanctuaries provide the best way for marine environments to cope with climate change and build resilience in the face of increasing pressures.

You stated to the UN that ‘To protect our oceans, Australia is committed to leading urgent action to combat plastic pollution choking our oceans, tackle over-exploitation of our fisheries, prevent ocean habitat destruction and take action on climate change’.

Right now, our oceans need a voice and action more than ever before, and I urge you to deliver on this crucial commitment to safeguard our oceans, by completing Australia’s marine parks network, taking effective action on plastics pollution and ensuring our extractive sectors are truly sustainable.

Yours sincerely,