Save Our Marine Life
Save Our Marine Life

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ABC News – Petition demands oil leak plugged

Oct 27, 2009In the media

The Prime Minister has been presented with a petition calling for urgent […] Read More »

Sydney Morning Herald – Nine-week toxic oil spill taking huge toll on sea life

Oct 24, 2009In the media

HUNDREDS of dolphins and sea birds have been recorded migrating through the […] Read More »

Joondalup Times – Film catches reality of fishing

Oct 22, 2009In the media

WITH some of WA’s most important fish stocks showing signs of stress […] Read More »

Rockingham marina gets EPA go-ahead

Sep 30, 2009In the media

The planned profusion of marinas along Perth’s coastline took another step towards […] Read More »

Member for Curtin, Julie Bishop MP’s blog – Save Our Marine Life

Aug 31, 2009In the media

During the Parliamentary winter break I had the opportunity of discussing with […] Read More »

ABC News – Garrett, green groups to discuss marine review

Aug 26, 2009In the media

ABC News – Garrett, green groups to discuss marine review Environment Minister […] Read More »

Marine sanctuaries at risk