Save Our Marine Life
Save Our Marine Life

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More than 1,200 scientists urge rethink on Australia’s marine park plans

The following is a statement from the Ocean Science Council of Australia, an […] Read More »

Global marine science luminaries slam marine parks plan

Sep 18, 2017In the media News

The campaign against proposed changes to Australia’s marine park network is gathering […] Read More »

Marine park protections almost halved under new draft plan, conservationists warn

Sep 17, 2017In the media News

Conservationists are outraged over the Federal Government’s draft plans for 44 Australian […] Read More »

Oceans added to Andrew Forrest’s to-do list

He’s already thrown hundreds of millions of dollars towards improvin­g the lives […] Read More »

Marine sanctuaries under threat

The national network of marine sanctuaries is under threat if draft plans […] Read More »

Coral Sea protected areas to be reduced by 76 per cent

CORAL Sea stakeholders have had a mixed reaction to a draft management […] Read More »

Australia cuts conservation protections in marine parks

When Australia established a vast network of marine reserves in 2012, it […] Read More »

Fear for future of prized reef

Jul 25, 2017In the media News

THE federal government has been warned its plan to alter the boundaries […] Read More »

Australian government to roll back marine protections

TOWNSVILLE, AUSTRALIA—Five years after the Australian government created one of the world’s […] Read More »

Marine sanctuaries at risk