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Supertrawlers have Aust ‘in their sights’

May 20, 2019News

A report from two environmental groups says Australia must protect local fisheries […] Read More »

Conservationists call for ‘true ban’ on super trawlers

May 20, 2019News

The debate over super trawlers was hot political news the last time […] Read More »

Supertrawlers have Aust ‘in their sights’

Australia’s ban on super-sized industrial fishing boats is far too narrow and […] Read More »

Super trawlers threaten Australian fisheries, conservationists warn

May 20, 2019News

Just six of the 76 giant vessels worldwide are banned from operating […] Read More »

Federal Election 2019: Where the parties stand on marine parks, supertrawlers, overseas fleets and the Antarctic

May 17, 2019News

Save Our Marine Life supporters around the country have been asking political […] Read More »

MEDIA RELEASE: Report reveals foreign-owned supertrawler threats to Australia’s fish stocks and marine environment

May 7, 2019News

The next Australian Government must launch an urgent independent inquiry into the […] Read More »

What you helped to achieve in 2018

Dec 20, 2018News

As we head into the holiday season, we wanted to thank everyone for […] Read More »

Marine conservation experts welcome Labor commitment to restore marine parks

Aug 22, 2018News

The Save Our Marine Life alliance has welcomed the announcement from the […] Read More »

The government’s marine park plans are diabolical for ocean protection

Mar 24, 2018News

On 20 March, the environment minister, Josh Frydenberg, released the management plans for […] Read More »

‘Leader to laggard’: the backlash to Australia’s planned marine park cutbacks

Mar 22, 2018News

More than 35m hectares of “no-take” ocean will be stripped from Australia’s […] Read More »

Marine sanctuaries at risk