Save Our Marine Life
Save Our Marine Life

Perth’s Grand Canyon


Perth’s backyard holds an underwater secret larger than the Grand Canyon: the Perth Canyon. This ancient riverbed of the Swan extends 100km out beyond Rottnest Island, and ends in water 4000 metres deep.

The Perth Canyon is one of the only three places in Australia where the blue whale – the largest animal ever to exist – is known to feed. Sadly, blue whales have shown little sign of recovery since their numbers plummeted to near-extinction because of whaling.

Undersea currents hit the canyon and bring food to the surface where seabirds, whales and travelling fish like marlin, tuna and samson fish also feed, making it an important feature on the nutrient-poor coast of Western Australia.

Up to 90% of the marine life in the south-west is found nowhere else, so who knows what other mysterious species live in the depths of the canyon?

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