Save Our Marine Life
Save Our Marine Life

Geographe Bay


As well as a popular holiday destination where people flock to rest, whale watch, fish, dive and sail, Geographe Bay is also a resting area for our majestic humpback whales on their migration path.

Seagrass beds and limestone reefs in the bay are teeming with life and provide a nursery for many species, including the iconic Western Australian Dhufish – popular with both recreational fishers and divers alike. These giant fish are in decline, because they are long-lived (up to 40 years) and are suffering from many years overfishing and too little time to reproduce. Sanctuaries can help protect the big, old female fish that are the best breeders, helping to ensure their future.

The bay boasts a remarkable range of corals and sponges – shown by the popularity of diving on Busselton jetty.

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