Protect Our Coral Sea
Protect Our Coral Sea

Coral Sea Image Credits

We’d like to thank the following photographers whose striking images are featured on this website.

Juergen Freund (
Dwarf Minke Whale – home page
Green Turtle – home page

Lucy Trippett
Pink Anemonefish – home page
Moon Wrasse – home page

Mark Spencer (
Nautilus – What are we protecting page
Diver with red and yellow soft tree coral – Why is the Coral Sea so important page

Undersea Productions (
Diver at Osprey Reef – home page

Xanthe Rivett (
Coral Sea supporter action – Saving our sanctuaries page

Glen Cowans (
Reef Sharks – About page
Barracuda – Sanctuaries for business and tourism page

Marine sanctuaries at risk