Protect Our Coral Sea
Protect Our Coral Sea

Coral Sea Ambassadors

Beyond our community of supporters and our alliance, our campaign is supported by some great organisations and influential individuals.  We thank them all for their enthusiasm and encouragement.

Dr Sylvia Earle, Patron – Marine Scientist & Environmentalist

Dr Sylvia Earle“The Coral Sea is a rare thing – a place where majestic ocean-going fish can still be found in great numbers. In the last 50 years, the world has lost 90% of these large ocean creatures due to overfishing. We need to do all we can to protect one of the world’s last remaining refuges.”

Jesse Martin – Solo sailor

Jesse Martin“Australia is in a better position than most countries to absorb economic hurdles and the initial cost of protecting the Coral Sea will most definitely become the best investment for generations to come. Get involved and feel proud that we are free enough to do this.”

John Williamson – Singer & Environmentalist

John Williamson“It is easy to forget our natural heritage under the ocean waves. There is more colour among our fish and coral than even the amazing birdlife that we treasure. Let’s do something our grandchildren will be thankful for and preserve the Coral Sea. I am 100% behind it.”

Isabel Lucas – Actress & Environmentalist

Isabel Lucas“Declaring the Coral Sea a marine park is a truly unique and empowering opportunity for our generation to raise awareness of the amazingly diverse richness of this marine environment.”

Pat Rafter – Tennis player

Pat Rafter“Let us all be responsible for helping to make the Coral Sea the largest marine park in the world, so our children and grandchildren can enjoy this marine paradise instead of watching it slowly being destroyed.”

Tim Winton – Author

Tim Winton“The Coral Sea is one of the last places on Earth where the greats of the ocean deep like tuna, sharks and marlin swim wild in healthy numbers. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to protect them.”

Kristy Hinze and Jim Clarke – Model & Actress / Netscape Founder & Producer

Kristy Hinze and Jim Clarke“We are more convinced than ever that preserving our oceans is a major concern for us all. That’s why we are supporting this campaign.”

Akira Isogawa – Designer

Akira Isogawa“I am inspired by the discovery of precious and exotic colours of Australia. The Coral Sea has all the elements of inspiration. Let us be reminded of how important it is to protect it.”

Chris Ritchie – Vice Admiral (Rtd)

VA Chris Ritchie“The sea is a significant resource; it is the nation’s major highway for trade, a magnet for recreation and tourism, and the first line of Australia’s defence and border protection. The Coral Sea holds a special place as part of Australia’s oceanic boundary. A large marine park in the Coral Sea makes environmental and economic sense and would be in the long term interests of the nation.”

David Shackleton – Vice Admiral (Rtd)

VA David Shackleton“Our oceans and coastline is of great importance to our identity, prosperity, lifestyle and security. The Coral Sea is a highly significant part of our maritime heritage as it relatively intact with healthy populations of large ocean-going species. Protecting this part of our ocean heritage would be an act of great national leadership.”



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