Protect Our Coral Sea
Protect Our Coral Sea

Who are we?

Coral sea supportersProtect our Coral Sea and Save Our Marine Life are a growing community of people, backed by an alliance of 27 leading conservation groups, working to protect Australia’s world-class national network of marine sanctuaries.

The people

More than 100,000 people have worked with Protect our Coral Sea and Save our Marine Life to help create the world’s largest network of marine sanctuaries and reserves. The Coral Sea Marine Reserve is the ‘crown jewel’ in this network, providing an internationally-recognised safe haven for our marine life and effectively creating the largest recreational fishing zone in Australia’s history. Our support of sanctuaries is based on the best science evidence, which is conclusive about the benefits of large ‘no take’ areas for the health of fish stocks, for safeguarding and encouraging a diversity of life, and for resilience against the impacts of climate change. But now, with our Coral Sea sanctuary stripped back, and half of our national network of sanctuaries removed, there’s too much at stake to stop now. The Coral Sea is an extraordinary place, home to an incredible diversity of marine life, and one of the last remaining places on Earth where ocean giants thrive. The Coral Sea has captured the imagination of people around the world, all wanting to ensure our shared ocean heritage is properly cared for.We are divers, fishers, surfers, sailors, families, businesses, coastal communities and ocean lovers around the country. Together we’ve achieved incredible things and every day new people are coming on board. Tell your mates, urge your colleagues to get involved to help save our sanctuaries and Protect our Coral Sea.

We are fishers

Conrad Norton-Taylor“My wife and I moved to Queensland from Sydney because of the great spear fishing, scuba diving and surfing. So I was very happy to see our country protecting a big part of the Coral Sea to help keep fish stocks healthy within and around the sanctuaries. I urge the Abbott Government to protect our Coral Sea sanctuary.” Conrad Norton-Taylor, Recreational Fisher

We are business owners

Mike Ball, business owner“Our business depends on a healthy ocean, and we work hard to be good stewards of the marine environment. Dive expeditions to the Coral Sea are sustainable both economically and environmentally as long as the federal government helps protect this important tourism asset. We urge the government to protect the Coral Sea’s marine sanctuaries so that iconic reefs and internationally recognised dive sites like Osprey Reef are protected for the benefit of all.” Mike Ball, Cairns, Dive Expeditions Operator

We are divers

Cheryl Janet-Smith, dive instructor“When I go diving it saddens me to think that many of the amazing creatures I see might not be here for future generations. Large fish, whales and an array of other ocean species have come under increasing pressure from human exploitation. They need safe haves where their numbers can recover. That’s why I urge the government to protect the Coral Sea’s sanctuaries for marine life.” Cheryl Janet Smith, Airlie Beach, Dive Instructor

We are scientists

Michael Danaher, scientist“Growing up in Yeppoon, I was captivated by the wonders of the ocean. The interplay of fish, seabirds, and the creatures, all dependent on each other, inspired me to become an environmental studies teacher and a strong conservationist. So naturally I support the Coral Sea marine sanctuaries – it’s not about food security or about fisheries management; it’s about preserving one of the last few pristine ecosystems on the planet to the benefit of future generations.” Michael Danaher, Rockhampton


Marine sanctuaries at risk