Protect Our Coral Sea
Protect Our Coral Sea

Why is the Coral Sea so important?

Red and yellow soft tree coralGlobally, we are witnessing an unprecedented collapse of marine life. Two-thirds of the world’s coral reefs are dead or dying and 90% of the world’s large fish are gone. But the Coral Sea is one of the few places in our oceans where marine life remains healthy and abundant.

From thickly forested islands to small sandy cays, beautiful coral reefs and yet to be explored sea mounts and deep sea canyons, the Coral Sea contains 49 different habitats and supports more than 300 different threatened species.

The Coral Sea is home to an incredible diversity of marine species including:

  • six of the world’s seven sea turtles
  • 52 deep-water sharks and rays (18 of which are found nowhere else)
  • 28 cetaceans (whales and dolphins), including the much-loved humpback whale and dwarf minke whale
  • 19 seabirds including the critically endangered herald petrel
  • the only known spawning aggregation of black marlin in the world
  • and the majestic whale shark which is the world’s largest fish