Save Our Marine Life
Save Our Marine Life

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Time to get rid of this Abbott ghost

May 10, 2016News

Last week, thanks to all your support, the Prime Minister confirmed our […] Read More »

BREAKING: Marine Parks back in the federal Budget

May 4, 2016News

Great news! We’ve had a real breakthrough. Our marine parks and sanctuaries […] Read More »

North Kimberley: World’s most pristine tropical coastline

May 1, 2016News

The North Kimberley is the heart of the world’s most pristine tropical […] Read More »

Underwater legend Val Taylor campaigns again for the Coral Sea

Apr 14, 2016In the media News

At the age of 80, underwater legend Valerie Taylor has returned to […] Read More »

A toxic oil spill on our shores?

Mar 30, 2016News

Can you imagine a disastrous toxic oil spill happening in Australia’s pristine […] Read More »

What a whirlwind – campaign update

Mar 24, 2016News

It’s been a whirlwind couple of months since the new year as […] Read More »

I fish and I support sanctuaries

Mar 3, 2016News

Right now, there’s a handful of lobbyists walking around Parliament House in […] Read More »

First dolphins, now Supertrawler catches whale shark

Mar 1, 2016News

Having already killed protected dolphins, seals, albatross and thousands of tonnes of […] Read More »

Marine sanctuaries at risk