Save Our Marine Life
Save Our Marine Life

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ABC News – Fishing limits won't save endangered sea lions: conservationists

Jun 11, 2010In the media

The Wilderness Society wants the Australian Fisheries Management Authority to impose tougher […] Read More »

Australian Geographic – First video: Australian deep sea canyon

Jun 9, 2010In the media

A DEEP SEA CANYON off the coast of Western Australia has been […] Read More »

Science Alert – New images of Perth marine life

Jun 9, 2010In the media

Never before seen images of marine life deep inside the Perth Canyon, […] Read More »

ABC News – The Canyon reveals deep new secrets

Jun 8, 2010In the media

Researchers at the University of WA have recorded new pictures of marine […] Read More »

Sydney Morning Herald – Ocean parks 'vital to protect species'

Jun 8, 2010In the media

SCIENTISTS from 35 countries will use World Oceans Day today to call […] Read More »

Cosmos – First footage of creatures in Perth Canyon

Jun 8, 2010In the media

Scientists have captured on video some of the creatures that dwell within […] Read More »

ABC South West WA – Protestors say no to oil development

May 31, 2010In the media

A group of 300 hardy souls braved the cold in the South […] Read More »

ABC Radio National, Australia Talks – Offshore oil drilling

May 31, 2010In the media

Amid mounting concern over the now month-long oil leak into the Gulf […] Read More »

ABC News – Beach protesters reject oil plans

May 29, 2010In the media

Around 300 people wearing black in formations to resemble an oil spill […] Read More »

Marine sanctuaries at risk