Save Our Marine Life
Save Our Marine Life

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Fishing feedback sought for Port Stephens-Great Lakes marine park

Sep 2, 2015In the media News

The New South Wales Government is seeking community feedback on rezoning two […] Read More »

Mid-North Coast marine sanctuaries under threat

The NSW Nature Conservation Council is encouraging the Mid-North Coast community to […] Read More »

Bunbury Mail: True Blue country singer backs Bunbury campaign

TRUE Blue country singer John Williamson has backed Bunbury and South West […] Read More »

Subiaco Post: Divers driven round the bends

WA’s divers are leading a national campaign to preserve Australia’s marine sanctuaries… […] Read More »

South Western Times: Singer speaks of love for nature

An Australian music legend has lent his voice to support the South […] Read More »

Cairns Post: Remote sensing push for Coral Sea

REMOTE sensing will form a major role in managing the Coral Sea […] Read More »

First oil. Now commercial fishing in our sanctuaries!

Aug 4, 2015News

First we saw oil and gas exploration sneaking into our sanctuaries. Now […] Read More »

Bunbury Mail: Call for insurance for Bunbury’s pristine coastline and marine life

BUNBURY and the South West needs an “insurance policy” on its pristine […] Read More »

Bunbury Mail: South West businesses rally to protect our coast

TWO hundred businesses from across the South West have joined forces to […] Read More »

Marine sanctuaries at risk