Save Our Marine Life
Save Our Marine Life

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Bunbury Mail: Call for insurance for Bunbury’s pristine coastline and marine life

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Bunbury Mail: South West businesses rally to protect our coast

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Scientists call for Great Kimberley Marine Park to have the same protection as the Great Barrier Reef

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Ponzi scheme of overfishing is something Australia must not enter: TEDx speaker Daniel Pauly

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Australia’s commercial fishing industry catches millions of tonnes more than reported: researchers

May 21, 2015In the media

Australia’s long-term commercial fish catch is estimated to be millions of tonnes […] Read More »

Australian commercial fish catch may be millions of tonnes more than reported

May 21, 2015In the media News

MICHAEL BRISSENDEN: Global fisheries experts are warning the world’s fish stocks are […] Read More »

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Locals seek protection for canyon

Bremer Bay residents remain apprehensive about the future of a mysterious marine […] Read More »

Marine sanctuaries at risk