Save Our Marine Life
Save Our Marine Life

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ABC News – A push to establish large marine sanctuaries

Mar 5, 2010In the media

A new report has found there would be significant economic benefits associated […] Read More »

The West Australian – Marine park costs overstated: report

Mar 5, 2010In the media

Establishing marine parks along the WA coast would cost private and professional […] Read More »

Discovery News – What lies beneath?

Mar 1, 2010In the media

You probably know Australia boasts koala bears, kangaroos and the famous Opera […] Read More »

ABC Radio National’s The Science Show – GBR fish respond to fishing ban

Feb 27, 2010In the media

Scientists have seen a doubling of fish biomass over five years inside […] Read More »

The ABC science program Catalyst – Blue Groper

Feb 25, 2010In the media

Australia is blessed with incredible coastline — bays, beaches, reefs and rocky […] Read More »

ABC news program ‘AM’ – Plenty more jellyfish in the sea

Feb 25, 2010In the media

Australians love seafood, but jellyfish would not be part of most people’s […] Read More »

Science – Marine Reserves Help Fish Recover

Feb 21, 2010In the media

When fisheries have plummeted or collapsed, one approach to fix the situation […] Read More »

Albany and Great Southern Weekender – Marine life revealed

Feb 18, 2010In the media

AMAZING images of marine life off the south coast are included in […] Read More »

Perth NOW – Baited camera catches rare marine life on film

Feb 13, 2010In the media

RARE species, the amazing marine life of underwater canyons near Rottnest and […] Read More »

G Mag Online – Game on! Help protect Australia's coast

Jan 27, 2010In the media

A new online game, following the adventures of an endangered seal, is […] Read More »

Marine sanctuaries at risk