Save Our Marine Life
Save Our Marine Life

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Australia cuts conservation protections in marine parks

When Australia established a vast network of marine reserves in 2012, it […] Read More »

Fear for future of prized reef

Jul 25, 2017In the media News

THE federal government has been warned its plan to alter the boundaries […] Read More »

Australian government to roll back marine protections

TOWNSVILLE, AUSTRALIA—Five years after the Australian government created one of the world’s […] Read More »

Australia’s new marine parks plan is a case of the Emperor’s new clothes

The federal government’s new draft marine park plans are based on an […] Read More »

Marine conservationists criticise new Marine Park plans

Jul 24, 2017In the media News

Feature from the 29 minute mark. Read More »

Senate fight looms over the deep blue sea

Australia will trump even Donald Trump and become the first nation to […] Read More »

Plan to ‘gut’ marine parks a threat to Ningaloo

Jul 24, 2017In the media News

The federal government has been warned its plan to alter the boundaries […] Read More »

Australia to expand commercial fishing in marine sanctuaries

Draft guidelines released on Friday propose increasing the total proportion of Australia’s […] Read More »

Ningaloo Reef: Federal Government draft plan would ‘slash protected areas by 40 per cent’

A marine expert claims the full protection area around Ningaloo and other […] Read More »

Fed Govt slammed over proposal to allow commercial fishing in the country’s biggest marine park

Jul 21, 2017In the media News

The Federal Government is being criticised for proposing to change the level […] Read More »

Marine sanctuaries at risk