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Save Our Marine Life


Sign the Business Statement for Sanctuaries

Australia’s iconic beaches, extraordinary marine life and coastal lifestyle are central to our economy and our regions’ livelihoods. Marine sanctuaries act as a tourism magnet, promoting our coastal assets and promising unique nature-based experiences to both domestic and international visitors. Australia already has a reputation as a wonderful place to dive, snorkel, sail, surf and fish, and is increasingly attracting marine wildlife tourism.

In 2012 Australia created the world’s largest network of marine sanctuaries – protecting our marine life and helping to ensure we have fish for the future.

Incredibly, despite undergoing Australia’s most thorough scientific review and community consultation, the Federal Government is now considering an unprecedented rollback of our national network of sanctuaries. According to scientists, this would significantly undermine the health of our marine life, thereby risking Australia’s reputation for its iconic coastal holiday destinations.

If we can secure the endorsement of 50 Bondi businesses, we believe our local Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, will listen to common sense and show leadership to protect our marine sanctuaries.

Please lend your support by adding your business’s name to this statement and encouraging other local businesses to do the same.

As soon as our target is reached, we’ll present it to Malcolm Turnbull for his urgent consideration. Thank you for your support. With your help, we can turn this situation around.

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Bondi Business Statement for Sanctuaries

Australia’s iconic beaches, extraordinary marine life and coastal lifestyle attract billions of dollars each year in marine tourism alone. Our reputation as an iconic tourist destination relies on adequate protection of our unique marine environment.

Marine sanctuaries are vital to maintaining the health of marine life, and sanctuaries around Australia have turned coastal areas into tourism and marine business powerhouses.

The creation of Australia’s national network of marine sanctuaries in 2012 was the result of more than a decade of work by all sides of politics, and put Australia in the international spotlight as a world leader in marine conservation.

Now these sanctuaries are all under threat, which risks not only our envied coastal lifestyle but also our international reputation, along with the jobs and sustainable business opportunities a thriving tourism industry provides. Astoundingly, the Federal Government has decided to ignore years of scientific and public consultation; instead putting marine protection ‘on hold’ while undertaking a long, costly and unnecessary review.

Multiple use marine reserves with fully protected sanctuaries at their core have strong economic benefits.

Existing marine sanctuaries in Australia and overseas have boosted both the domestic and international tourism markets – attracting divers, snorkellers and other nature-based experience-seekers who typically spend twice that of other tourists. With these tourists also utilising local restaurants, accommodation, shopping and other activities, marine parks and sanctuaries are increasingly regarded as important economic ‘infrastructure’ which contribute significantly to national, regional and metropolitan economies.

As Australian business operators, we recognise the importance of protecting our marine environment to enhance our natural economic advantage, entice visitors to Australia and to the regions, add value to local industries and benefit our local communities.

We, the undersigned, are local businesses, and we support our national network of marine sanctuaries. We call on the Federal Government to retain, increase and implement Australia’s national network of sanctuaries, thereby ensuring our country retains its reputation as an extraordinary destination.

How will this statement and your information be used?
This statement, its list of business signatories and your comments will be presented to local Minister Malcolm Turnbull, the Prime Minister and the Federal Minister for the Environment. The contact details of each contact person will be treated confidentially and only be used to email you regarding this issue. They will not be passed on to any other organisation.

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