Save Our Marine Life
Save Our Marine Life

Sanctuaries for business and fishing

Sanctuaries for tourism and business

Australia’s unrivalled beaches, crystal clear waters and abundant marine life are core to Australia’s identity and economic ‘infrastructure’. They act as a tourism magnet, promoting the region’s coastal assets and promising unique nature-based experiences to both domestic and international visitors. Tourism and local businesses have flourished around marine sanctuaries.

Sanctuaries for fishing

World class conservation is working hand-in-hand with world class fishing in places like Ningaloo Reef in WA, at Solitary Islands in NSW, and right along the Queensland coast.

Many of our most revered fishing destinations have been marine parks for years now, and people who fish know that this protection is helping ensure they stay that way. For that reason, it’s no surprise that every published scientific and government survey of recreational fishers shows that a clear majority of recreational fishers support sanctuaries.



Marine sanctuaries at risk