Save Our Marine Life
Save Our Marine Life

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Save Our Marine Life and its Big Blue Army are supported by an unprecedented alliance of 20 leading conservation groups working to protect Australia’s unique marine life and save our sanctuaries. Collectively they have acted on behalf of millions of supporters to protect huge areas of our marine environment around the globe. Ocean icons such as the Great Barrier Reef and Ningaloo Reef in WA, the world’s deepest waters in the Pacific Ocean’s Mariana Trench, the world’s largest sanctuary in the Chagos Islands in the Indian Ocean, and the rich tropical waters of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea all have a brighter future as a result of their work.

Pew Environment Group
Conservation Council
Nature Conservancy
Conservation Council SA
Humane Society International (HSI)
Environment Centre of the Northern Territory
Environment Tasmania
Environment Victoria
Environs Kimberley
Parks Association NSW
Parks Association VIC
Surfrider Foundation
Sea Shepherd



Marine sanctuaries at risk