Save Our Marine Life
Save Our Marine Life

Save our Sanctuaries!

This action is no longer active. Act Now on a current marine life issue.


Our marine sanctuaries are ALL AT RISK. Send a message to help save our marine life and way of life.

The Government has suspended our new national network of marine sanctuaries, and begun its costly and unnecessary review. The Coral Sea, Geographe Bay, Lord Howe Island, Great Australian Bight, the Kimberley and more – ALL are at risk of being cut back or erased completely.

This makes no sense. There’s already been more than 10 years of science and 750,000 submissions, showing overwhelming support for sanctuaries.

We can’t let this rollback happen. Please send a message to your MP to help save our marine life and ensure we have fish for the future.

The most important message is to call on your MP to help RETAIN AND INCREASE proposed levels of sanctuary protection.

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You can use our talking points as a guide, but they want to hear your view. Your MP will take your concerns much more seriously if you write using your own words. Keeping it positive and highlighting why it matters to you will make it most effective.

The most important message is to call on your MP to help RETAIN AND INCREASE proposed levels of sanctuary protection. If you want to add more details, you can use these talking points as a guide.

  1. Marine Sanctuaries: I’m proud of our national network of marine sanctuaries (marine national park zones). Scientific evidence shows that marine sanctuaries are by far the most effective part of a marine park for protecting biodiversity, and have the overwhelming support of the Australian community. The existing sanctuaries must be maintained and the Australian continental shelf should be better protected in marine sanctuaries, as called for by hundreds of scientists.
  2. Destructive Fishing Practices: A Government risk assessment recommended against destructive fishing practices like trawling, long-lining and gillnetting occurring in Commonwealth marine parks. The Government must not risk our marine environment by ignoring this advice.
  3. Mining: The Government is to be commended for not allowing mining in special places like the Coral Sea and the waters off Margaret River. Seabed mining and oil & gas development must not be given a free reign in the vast majority of Australia’s waters.
  4. Economic and social benefits: The marine sanctuaries being reviewed provide opportunities for economic growth and wellbeing which are very important to local businesses and communities. This must be taken into account in the review. The review must incorporate the views and evidence of the many stakeholder groups and communities that can and have already benefited from highly protected Australian marine parks.
  5. Implementation: After hundreds of thousands of submissions and over a decade of planning and consultation, the last thing we need is more delays. The reserves must be implemented as soon as possible.There’s already been: Over 10 years of scientific assessment; 606 days of consultation; 221 leading scientists backed sanctuaries; 750,000 public and stakeholder submissions, with 95% support; and $100 million allocated to compensate for less than 2% of commercial fish catch affected

You can use these talking points, but please use your own words as much as possible.

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