Save Our Marine Life
Save Our Marine Life
Save Geographe Bay
Save Geographe Bay

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First we saw oil and gas exploration sneaking into our sanctuaries. Now we’ve learnt commercial fishing could be next! In icons such as the Coral Sea, Lord Howe Island, Geographe Bay, Bremer and the Kimberley. Enough is enough.

The Government suspended our national network of sanctuaries and promised a review that would be science-based. But is this just a smokescreen for expanding industrial drilling and commercial fishing?

Together we are an incredibly powerful force. We’ve got the science, the economics, local communities and the vast majority of recreational fishers with us. Sign the petition today telling Environment Minister Hunt to save our sanctuaries.

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Dear Minister Hunt (CC your MP),

Your government promised a review of our national network of marine parks and sanctuaries that would be science-based. But proposals to reduce sanctuary protection raise the question of whether the review is just a smokescreen for the industrialisation of our oceans?

As well as the sanctuaries now at risk from new oil and gas operations, I am particularly concerned about proposals to allow commercial fishing into sanctuaries in the Coral Sea, Geographe Bay, Margaret River, Kimberley, Bremer, West Cape York, Rowley Shoals, Eastern Recherche, Twilight (Great Australian Bight), Lord Howe Island and Gulf of Carpentaria.

I call on you to retain, increase and implement our national network of sanctuaries as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely

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