Save Our Marine Life
Save Our Marine Life
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Abbott-era plans have been released proposing massive cutbacks to marine sanctuaries in crucial hotspots around Australia.

As well as butchering our Coral Sea Sanctuary, these plans pander to the oil industry in the Kimberley and Great Australian Bight. They pave the way for destructive trawling in the North, gillnetting in the South, and cut back crucial sanctuary protection at Lord Howe and Bremer Bay – including a Southern Right Whale nursery!

Send a quick message today calling on the Turnbull Government to reject the cutbacks and fully restore our National Network of Sanctuaries.

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You can use these talking points as a guide, but using your own words and saying why you care will make it most effective:

  • As a local constituent, I call on you to ensure our National Network of Marine Sanctuaries is fully restored with no loss of sanctuary protection and no further delay. Please raise this with the Federal Environment Minister.
  • I urge you to reject proposed cutbacks in protection, including to the Coral Sea, Lord Howe, the Kimberley, the Great Australian Bight, Perth Canyon and Bremer Bay.
  • Sanctuaries help protect marine life, help reefs to recover from coral bleaching, help ensure fish for the future.
  • Healthy marine life is core to our Australian economy, reputation, tourism and local livelihoods.
  • Australia’s National Network of Sanctuaries was the result of decades of science, work by all sides of politics and overwhelming community support, including from the vast majority of recreational fishers.
  • If you fish, let them know! It's crucial to show just how many recreational fishers support sanctuaries.