Save Our Marine Life
Save Our Marine Life

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ABC Radio Breakfast: Marine census discovers 1,200 new sea creatures

Oct 5, 2010In the media

For the past decade a network of scientists in more than 80 […] Read More »

ABC News: Shark victims unite to save their attackers

Sep 14, 2010In the media

They have lost arms, legs, ankle parts, but nine survivors of encounters […] Read More »

WA Today: Cousteau urges action on fishing

Sep 4, 2010In the media

THE son of famed ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau has urged Australia to […] Read More »

ABC News: Fish stocks recovering in Moreton Bay green zones

Sep 2, 2010In the media

New research has found more fish in Moreton Bay in south-east Queensland […] Read More »

ABC Stateline: Planned marine parks necessary: scientists

Aug 6, 2010In the media

A group of researchers are studying fish off the northern coast of […] Read More »

ABC Q&A – If I were PM

Aug 1, 2010In the media

Here is a video of Sandy Seal, he would make sure science […] Read More »

ABC PM – Abbott courts mining and fishing vote in Qld

Jul 27, 2010In the media

Tony Abbott was back in Queensland again today, courting the mining and […] Read More »

PM ducks GST amid policy review

Jul 9, 2010In the media

Ms Gillard fielded questions from the floor on topics including gay marriage, […] Read More »

ABC 1, The 7.30 Report – Green light for oil drilling

Jul 8, 2010In the media Read More »

ABC Radio National, Background Briefing – The spilling fields

Jul 4, 2010In the media

As we watch the worst environmental disaster in US history unfold, it’s […] Read More »

Marine sanctuaries at risk