Save Our Marine Life
Save Our Marine Life

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Out Of The Blue, On The Edge Of The World, Killer Whales Converge To Feast

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Caretakers Of Big Blue Backyard Share Stories At Free Film Screening

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Water World

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The Edge Of Paradise

New doco focuses on marine park, writes Kerstin Kehren in the Cairns […] Read More »

Seaworthy Film

Jan 28, 2015In the media News

Cairns gets to host the premiere of a home grown film about […] Read More »

Ningaloo: Australia’s other great barrier reef worth saving

Dec 17, 2014In the media

A series of marine parks around Australia are under threat. The public’s […] Read More »

Retirees back marine parks

North Coast retirees are reaping the mental and physical benefits of healthy […] Read More »

Amnesty lapse allows fishing in marine sanctuaries

An amnesty which allowed illegal fishing within marine park sanctuary zones was […] Read More »

Ningaloo Reef hailed a conservation success 10 years after global campaign

Dec 1, 2014In the media

NINGALOO REEF is being hailed as a conservation and economic success story […] Read More »

Super trawlers could be back in our waters soon

Nov 26, 2014In the media

They can scoop up 6,200 tonnes of fish in one expedition, then […] Read More »

Marine sanctuaries at risk