Save Our Marine Life
Save Our Marine Life
Save Geographe Bay
Save Geographe Bay

Sign the petition to ban the Supertrawler from our waters

The death toll of the Geelong Star Supertrawler has finally been revealed, and it’s worse than we thought: 26 protected animals have been caught as by-catch, including dolphins and seals.

This has got to stop. The new Turnbull Government will consider a ban in the coming month, so now is the moment they need to hear from us all.

Sign the petition to ban the Supertrawler – for our marine life, our fisheries and the future of our local communities. 

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Petition to the Australian Government

Dear Ministers Ruston, Hunt and Joyce,

I am very concerned about the ongoing operation of the Geelong Star supertrawler in Australia’s waters.

Australia needs sustainable fishing operations that support regional jobs in coastal communities, not supertrawlers that send profits offshore, put at risk our commercial fishing reputation, our recreational fisheries, and kill protected marine life.

I urge the Turnbull Government to permanently ban the Geelong Star and all freezer-factory trawlers from Australia’s small pelagic fishery.

Yours sincerely