Save Our Marine Life
Save Our Marine Life

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Save our Marine Life and Protect our Coral Sea supporters are working together as the Big Blue Army to save our sanctuaries, both nationally and in individual states.

Every action by every supporter counts. People like you are the strength behind our success. Please take a moment to support our crucial campaigns here.

flip-review-fbWe fear crucial marine sanctuary protection will be cut back in iconic areas such as the Coral Sea, the Kimberley and the Great Australian Bight, opening them up to oil or increased commercial fishing.

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soml_fb_trawler With a decision just around the corner, now is the moment to tell the Turnbull Government to ban the Supertrawler. Sign the petition today.

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Marine sanctuaries at risk

Why join the Big Blue Army?

The Big Blue Army is a growing community around Australia, all working together to protect our marine life and coastal lifestyle.

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100,000 of us helped to create the world’s largest network of marine sanctuaries – a proud legacy for our children and the future health of our oceans.

Each person’s actions – from simply signing a petition to attending an event or visiting their MP – were the power behind the campaign to create these sanctuaries. Now it is our actions that can stop them being taken away.

There couldn’t be a more important time for you to join the ranks of the Big Blue Army. The more people we have, the more chance we have of saving our sanctuaries. It’s as simple as that.

Join us today and we’ll be in touch by email when big news breaks or when there’s something you can do to help.

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Save Our Marine Life could not have reached as many people and achieved everything we have without a team of dedicated volunteers. Find out more

Are you a business owner?

Australia's unrivalled beaches and marine life are core to our reputation and economic future. Join the hundreds of businesses signing onto our Business Statements for Sanctuaries.